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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 steps to a clean house....

We all know how a house gets messy. Let's review just for fun. One item gets used, and does not get returned to it's rightful home. Then you make use of another item, and it as well does not get returned. This process goes on for some time. We dont need to go over why we dont spend the time in the moment to place things where they belong. It's different for all of us - life gets busy, too lazy, stressed out from kids, the list goes on.

Well people, the problem with accumulative mess like this, is that these items unfortuantely dont grow legs and walk back to their homes. It's only going to get done if we do it ourselves. (I wish my household items could all have legs and talk like on Beauty of the Beast...imagine our dishes could sing a fun song and clean themselves after supper!? And walking themselves back to the cupboard!!?)

SO once the house is a mess, we need to figure out how to clean it.

Here we go - the first step to having a clean house, is MOTIVATION!!
Lists and plans mean nothing, without the motivation to make it happen. We've all been on the couch, totally not wanting to get up and do the dishes, but we know we have to. Make a choice that you would rather have a clean home, and rest when you're done, rather than try to rest while it's messy.
Real moment for Amber: Sometimes the only thing that motivates me to clean happens to be a friend coming over. Last night I was out at a friends house. I knew I had a playdate at my house the next morning, but I chose to do the following. I stayed at my friends house until approx 12:30am, then headed home and cleaned up until 1:30. I was motivated :) Here are some other things that motivate me to clean:
- serving my husband. I love him coming home to a clean house. It makes them feel so great!
- My kids seem to play better when the house is clean. Probably because then I'm free to play with them a little more, instead of tidying everything up
- I love seeing the end result!
- Like I said - friends coming over lol
- being a faithful steward of my home. I love taking care of the home i'm so blessed to have.

that's just a few, find out what motivates you

The second step to having a clean house, is MAKE A LIST (that's part A)
- One of my clients took me through his house the other day. He basically did a tour showing me each room and what he wanted done in each. I took thick mental notes, as that was my moment to create a list of the projects at hand. When you're faced with a big load of work, it's best to write it all down so you can see what you're working with.
Part B of this step is toPRIORITIZE. After going through each room with my client, I asked his prefrence of which rooms took priority. You have to decide for yourself how to prioritize the cleaning. Whether you're after the whole house (each room gets prioritized) or one room first off and therefore prioritizing tasks within that room. (perhaps based on your time allowance)

The Third Step to having a clean house is, DOING IT
Now that you're motivated, just get up and do it! No theory, no story, just do it...

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