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Friday, April 15, 2011

How to organize your DAY WITH CHAOTIC KIDS. (behaviour)

I'm not saying our kids are chaotic....just referring to the days when their behaviour is chaotic.

Ever wonder why your kids are just so needy some days? Or they just keep doing things that frustrate you to your limit? Well, i have found a fun way to master the environment in our house so that this doesnt happen (too often). Please keep in mind, i still have pretty crazy days, and my kids are quite consistant at frustrating me...or I'm consistant at getting frustrated rather. ha ha ha.
Anyways I have just noticed a definate difference when the following is practiced: Schedule!!!

Now everyone who knows me knows my kids sleep a lot. Let's not get into sleep patterns, because every kid is different with that. I'm focusing on schedule when kids are awake: (they dont bug you when they're sleeping after all)

I find kids respond well to consistancy. On days when i have work to get done (bookkeeping, cleaning etc), i find the kids are more 'off'. Of course the second we pick up the phone, or start doing something for us, they all of a sudden need us...and demand it I should say.

Basically this is what breaks up the day for the kids:

9:00-10:30 - Playtime - includes kids playing on their own, I read a story to them at some point, they have reading time on their own (just before snack at 10:30), clean up time. (This allows me to have time to tidy the main floor while they play. Yes i'm being efficient with my time, and being involved with them at times too. They do need to learn to play on their own without me, so it's healthy to let them be for a while)

10:30 - Snack time Knowing when snack time is everyday, gives you time to prepare mentally in advance what you will have. (making it easier to choose health over convenience) Example: at 10 i think "oh it's snack time in half an hour...ok we'll have apples today." Rather than letting kids decide when they think they're hungry, and bugging you constantly. I can easily say, "no sorry it's not snack time yet". It has to happen the same time everyday....oh and when I get sidetracked, they remind me that they want a snack. Their bodies know!

(this isnt our was supper one playdate haha)

11:00 - Craft time. Craft time: sometimes a real crafty craft - other days it's print a cool coloring sheet off the internet and have coloring time. Depends how much prep time I'm into. I find the kids are fine playing on their own before snack, it's the first time they've played all day with their toys, so all is well with the world. Then they are hungry, and bored I find things approaching the chaos zone, which is when most of the fighting happens between the girls (this is when they are now hungry for lunch, and their snack is forgotten) So hence Craft time at 11. It's a break, a distracton and a learning time. (today we made binoculars with 2 of our cousins!)

12:30 - Lunch In the mornings i decide what is for lunch each day, that way I'm not scrambling at 12:30. Some days I make double, and save it for the following day to minimize work. Also my rule to keep me happy: when mommy is cooking, stay out of the kitchen. They play while I prep any type of food. This makes it more of a fun experience for me. No kids at my heels begging for food! 1:30 - Quiet Time (nap) if your kids dont sleep, often parents have kids just enjoy quite time somewhere.

Not sure if this helps anyone out - share some feedback so i know where you're all at! :) Also - what types of organizing topics would be inspirational to you guys? If you dont share your thoughts i'll just keep sharing what I think works...and I could be wrong. So help me out! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Amber, this is a great outline! I found that having a definite 3 o clock afternoon snack was also good for one of those concrete things the kids could count on, and again, just like in the morning: if they ask before that, it's not snack time yet - have a drink of water to tide you over! You are right that sitting down and giving 15 or 20 minutes of reading, or playing, or a craft WITH the kids, is often enough so that they are reassured that you're there for them and then they play more contentedly themselves so you can get things done.
    I've enjoyed reading your other blogs, too. : )