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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't ignore your husband....

Do you like being ignored?

So I think most women would tend to agree that they feel valued when they feel their partner listens to them, right? Sometimes we just need to vent a little, or express ourselves to a listening ear, in order to feel that 'release' of our day's pressure.

Michael and I were  recently at a marriage conference, and I have a question they shared, that I trust will inspire you to think about your own relationship:

How would you feel, if your husband did not speak to you for 3 days. How about 3 weeks? What would you do if your husband didn't say a word to you for 3 years?

Our men have needs girls. Let's just be honest. We would die if our husband ignored us and refused to talk to us for 3 weeks....but somehow we justify why it's ok to ignore his needs for that long.....or longer.

The speaker at the conference this weekend made a super cool  point. He said that women have girlfriends they can go to in order to be heard, and vent. We can release our pressure of life though outlets besides our husbands. Our husbands on the other hand, have no other outlet for their pressure of life, we are supposed to be their only outlet. They cant find another girl to meet their needs. 

Something that takes so little time, but it makes our man so happy. Hmm...

I understand there are often reasons why women or men hold intimacy back from each other. But don't you think it's worth the tough steps required to walk things out so everyone's needs can be met? Nobody said having a healthy marriage would be easy.  But marriage is after all made up of 2 really good forgivers. :)

Don't ignore your husband....and he'll want to meet your needs in return!

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