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You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fab Finds Shopping Today....

Used clothing for kids really is saving so much more than buying new!!!!

I bought 49 items of kids clothes, and it averaged $3.50 / piece!!! No sale i've seen can average that over that many items. 

I also was trying to find some cool stuff for the house that was not too expensive...well actually i was looking for cheap.

Here is what i found for the house! I was so excited i acutally cried when i showed mike.

I was pretty excited when i saw this at value village. I saw something on 'milion dollar decorators' liek this, only they purchased it for $40, Alysia encouraged me to give it a try and take it back if I didnt like it...well no need -I LOVE IT!!! Oh and it wasnt was $6!! I plan to put a black shelf under this. For now this is good enough. Until I find another deal on a shelf! ha ha

This is great. I love how it's smaller than a big one, so i can make a full pot just for me :) Just beautiuful. $5.99 Value village

For 3 years i have wanted new dishes. Our old ones are awesome and i love them, but wanted a change, and several of them have chips. So Sice the set we had was still fulfilling it's purpose, i could never really justify buying a new set. Every new set I liked was $80 for a 4pc set. This is an 8  pc set, and it cost only $29.99 at value village. That is a deal folks!!! And i love love love the gold smear on the edges.

Maybe having this beautiful fabric will inspire me to learn how the heck to use my sewing machine. I plan to use this for my kitchen window.

I hope today I inspired you to perhaps not always think you have to buy new to make things look new and nice!

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