Inspiration Today:

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 7, 2011

15 minutes to prep for a surprise to fake a clean house!

Your friend, mother-in-law, whoever, is 15 minutes away. They just called for a surprise visit! Oh man of course they choose the day my house is at it's worst.

Here are some easy tips to fake a clean house.

1) Smell
Light a candle or two first, so it has a few minutes to spread the love

2) Living Room
I'll assume the room you'll spend most of your time in is your living room. take a bag or a laundry basket and pick up any items you see lying around. Nobody wants to sit for tea and notice your husbands smelly sock beside their foot. We can put the items you retrieved away later, for now first thing is first. Clean the clutter
(vacuuming will really make the place look good, but may not have time, use your discression)
Clean side table with a wipe or wet cloth, this is important as they'll have their drink you'll offer them placed here. (dont forget to dry with towel to avoid smear marks)

3) Dishes
I find the first thing i notice in people's house is their kitchen and dishes. If you dont have time to actually load the dishwasher, it's best to rinse as best as you can, and stack neatly inside the sink. Dont leave dishes on the counter, it will just draw more attnetion

4) Front Entrance
Take a few and tidy up the front entrance, as it's obviously the first thing your guest will see. I have a nice basket in my mud room by the door for any and all random items. I go through it every 2 weeks or so and put them away. Load a few items into a nice basket, put those shoes in the closet, hang up the coats.

5) Hand towels
They have an incredible amount of germs. It's thoughtful to change the towel when you know guests are coming. I keep a set of towels (4) under the sink in our main floor bathroom. If you dont have an under the sink cabinet, get a nice basket or add a shelf on the wall or something creative like that.

5) Final Touches
- turn on background music - music does wonders in changing the atmosphere in a home
- Vacuum if there is time
- wipe counters
- sweep kitchen floor
- put on some water for tea

There, I know it seems like a lot of info, but really if you just focus 15 solid minutes it can be done. I only let my house get as messy as it can get, to allow me a quick clean up like this. If I cant clean up in 15 minutes then I've had a rough day. A little at a time is all an organized house should take.


  1. Wow... you actually have helped your mother. Did I teach you this, if so, when?

  2. Amen sista!!!

    That's totally my routine!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Great to have it written out and easy to follow!!

    Keep on posting tips!!

  3. Well needed and new blog. Look forward to the new posts!!!!

  4. so usefull! awesome blog Amber!

  5. Great ideas, Amber! I will definitely keep those in mind!

  6. great idea Amber! Looking forward to more!

  7. very encouraging and practical! i'm looking forward to reading more! way to go: using the strengths and talents God has given you, to bless and help others!