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You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to FINALLY clean my house!!!

So I was thinking the other day, that it would be cool to have my whole entire house cleaned. I mean every single room, every single closet, every single corner!! Now... it's not an absolute mess (well a couple of rooms are right now actually) but to be honest - I've been putting off major cleaning since I was 6 months pregnant with Landen. That's kind of when I shut down. And now Landen is 3 months old, and I really have no more excuses.

SOOOOOO here is my plan!!! I plan to clean each room, and do a mini blog on it and share it with the world! (well whoever wants to read) I'm not talking normal house cleaning like kitchen and bathrooms, I mean the hard core stuff that I've been putting off for a dog's age!

My hope is that you readers will follow along with the same (or similar) task I took on, and you'll do it too! WE CAN ALL CLEAN OUR HOUSES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM TOGETHER!!!

First thing to do is make a list of each room and area you can think of that you want cleaned. Writing down a list is so valuable because it inspires a different part of our brain than just trying to remember. Make it clear and obvious what your house goals are, we will keep referring back to the original list and crossing off the item we completed!

Here is my list:
* Office
     - filing system
     - desk tidy and misc tidy
* Main floor pantry
* Basement Pantry
* Basement organization
* Closet in living room
* Mud room closet
* My closet
* Spare room closet (baby clothes organized and labelled)
* Spare room
* Master bedroom
* Fridge (entire wipedown)
* Wash all hard floors
* Dust stairs
* Clean under sink / organize cleaning supplies
* Clean / Organize under ensuite bathroom sinks

I may add some more items as I notice more, but i think that'll do for now. Now make YOUR list! Let's stroke off items together! I'll go at a pace that allows for some breathing room so it's realistic for everyone. Nobody should be expected to use every spare second of the week. Even if we stroke 1 or 2 items off a week I'd consider that success!!

KK i have to get to work now! Lots to do!

Dont forget to put your list somewhere like your fridge or somewhere obvious so you see it all the time!


  1. Every once in a while I start to do this. I keep getting "busy" and put it off. I will make a list out tonight and get started! Hopefully I just do it this time. No, I will do it this time!! I've actually been working on a couple things this week. I will focus on them one at a time and do a thorough and complete job! Thanks for the motivation Amber!